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Your Law Firm came out of what was Attorney KLA - a law firm originally started in 2014 by Attorney Kira Lin Abernathy. Kira has focused her practice on criminal defense and family law cases since the start, and decided to rebrand the firm into Your Law Firm in 2023 to reflect the people-first aspect of the law practice, instead of the focus being on Kira as the lawyer. Service has always been our cornerstone of representation, and we are looking forward to growing and expanding as Your Law Firm, to continue providing people-first service to our clients.

Our Purpose

We are committed to assisting our clients with overcoming the obstacles they encounter in life. Anything from a traffic ticket to a divorce may impede our client's forward progress, so we strive to fight according to each individual's personal definition of winning. Through this process, we prioritize creating positive outcomes which benefit all involved parties.

Our main aim is to empower our clients with tailored legal assistance and support when they are in a difficult situation. We not only want our clients to win, but we strive for them to be taken care of throughout the entire process. That's why we fight tenaciously for what matters most to them— it's our top priority.

Formerly Kyra Lin Abernathy, P.C. (d/b/a Attorney KLA)

Attorney Kira Lin Abernathy (formerly known as Kyra Lin Abernathy) the founder and lead attorney at Your Law Firm, is dedicated to providing personal and quality service to her clients. That is why she decided to rebrand the firm to more accurately represent the values of law and service to clients under our new name. She also changed the spelling of her first name, to better reflect the pronunciation of her name, as part of this process. So you may see her name as "Kyra Lin Abernathy" in other places - and since her law firm was her name, she operated as Attorney KLA, for clarity in what type of field she was in. Now, with the change to Your Law Firm, it is our hope that we can serve our clients even more in the legal field, with intentions to broaden our team and our scope of areas we practice law in - beyond just family law, traffic law, and criminal defense. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Team

Lead Attorney and Founder, Kira Lin Abernathy, Esq.

Law school was a challenge for Kira but a fun one nonetheless. She never intended to open a firm - until the opportunity fell in her lap after graduation and passing the state bar. Kira was able to work with two great mentors in the fields of criminal defense, traffic tickets, and family law - and she decided to "hang a shingle" and open up her own practice. While operating a firm has definitely been hard work, she is very grateful to be able to work with clients directly and strategize with her team on cases. Kira is our lead attorney and works with all client strategy plans, to make sure that each client's issues, needs, and goals are addressed and met, if at all possible.

Kira Lin Abernathy, Esq.

Attorney Kira Lin Abernathy

Case Management Officer and Paralegal, Andrew Edwards

Andrew has a passion for helping people. He attended paralegal school in order to better serve our clients at Your Law Firm. He has a technical eye for things and often assists Attorney Abernathy in court, making sure that all the boxes are checked for our client's case in court hearings. His attention to detail and care for people are a valuable addition to our team.

Case Management Officer and Paralegal, Michael Abernathy

One of the main principles of Michael's life is to serve in any way he can. He has a gift to be able to pinpoint the goals and identify worries that people may have about their case - even if they were not yet aware of it. He is a strategist and assists Attorney Abernathy on the big picture views and plan for our client's cases. His drive and ability to visualize potential outcomes is extremely helpful to our team.

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Areas of Service

We offer our services in the following counties:

  • Cobb
  • Bartow
  • Cherokee
  • Forsyth
  • Fulton
  • Dawson

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