Mountain Park Municipal Court: A Comprehensive Guide

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Judge: Hon. Louis Levenson

Mountain Park Municipal Court is a key institution in the legal landscape of the local community.

Mountain Park Municipal Court is located in Fulton County Georgia.

As a professional and authoritative source, we aim to provide accurate and clear information about this court, its services, and its surroundings.

Address and Contact Information

Mountain Park Municipal Court is located at 118 Lakeshore Drive
Mountain Park, GA 30075 Phone: 770-993-4231.

The court operates between Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

For inquiries or further information, you can contact by accessing the link below.

Directions and Parking

Reaching Mountain Park Municipal Court is straightforward.

Click the link below for directions and parking.

Please be aware that parking rules are strictly enforced, so be sure to follow all signage and instructions.

Types of Cases

Mountain Park Municipal Court handles a variety of cases.

This includes but is not limited to traffic violations, misdemeanors, and civil cases up to a certain monetary limit.

It's always recommended to consult with a legal professional for any specific questions regarding your case.

Nearby Court Houses

In addition to Mountain Park Municipal Court, there are several other courthouses in the vicinity.

These include Fulton Count Georgia Superior Court, Magisgtrate Court- North Annex and SandySprings Municipal Court.

Each of these courts serves a unique function and may handle different types of cases.

Nearby Places

Food and Coffee

Whether you're visiting the court for a short duration or for a full day, you will find several food and coffee options nearby.


Five Guys located at 113 Woodstock Rd suite 100

Chick-fa-let located at 1185 Woodstock Rd

Chopstix located at 4651 Woodstock Rd


Starbucks located at 4646 Woodstock Rd

Dunkin located at 4691 Woodstock Rd


The area surrounding Mountain Park Municipal Court also hosts several landmarks that could be interesting for visitors.

These include Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain Covered Bridge, Stone Mountain Carving, Mountain Park Park and Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary.

Also there are other government building such as Mountian Park City Hall.

Google Reviews

For those interested in knowing more about the experiences of others who have visited Mountain Park Municipal Court, Google reviews can be a valuable resource.

Keep in mind that these reviews are subjective and personal experiences may vary.

To Sum It Up

Mountain Park Municipal Court is a critical part of the local community.

Whether you're visiting for a case or simply interested in the civic institutions of the area, we hope this guide helps you navigate your way around the court and its surroundings.

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