Super Speeder Speeding Tickets

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Super Speeder Speeding Tickets

If you're caught speeding on Georgia roads, chances are you'll receive a ticket. And if you're caught going super-fast, you'll get hit with a Super Speeder ticket, which can cost you an additional $200 in fees. It's important to take action immediately after receiving such a ticket, as ignoring it can lead to serious consequences. However, navigating the legal system can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why it's crucial to seek the help of a traffic ticket lawyer. With their expertise and experience, they can guide you through the process, potentially saving you money and minimizing the impact on your driving record. Don't let a Super Speeder ticket derail your life – take action now and contact a trusted traffic ticket lawyer.

Speeding Tickets and Super Speeder Classification

In Georgia, a normal speeding ticket is issued when a driver exceeds the posted speed limit or drives at an unsafe speed for the prevailing conditions. The consequences of a regular speeding ticket depend on the degree to which the driver exceeded the limit, with penalties ranging from fines and points added to the driving record, to potential increases in auto insurance premiums.

On the other hand, the Super Speeder classification is reserved for drivers who exhibit excessive speeding behaviors. A driver is considered a Super Speeder if they are convicted of a speeding ticket with a final convicted speed of 85 mph or more on any road, or 75 mph or more on any two-lane road. This classification carries more severe consequences in addition to the penalties associated with the initial speeding ticket. Super Speeders must pay a $200 fee to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) to maintain their driving privileges. Failure to pay this fee on time will result in the suspension of their driver's license, and they will need to pay the Super Speeder fee along with any additional penalties incurred to reinstate their license.

In summary, while both normal speeding tickets and Super Speeder classifications in Georgia involve penalties for exceeding the speed limit, the Super Speeder classification targets excessive speeding and carries more severe consequences, including an additional fee and the risk of license suspension. It is essential for drivers to obey speed limits and drive responsibly to avoid these penalties and maintain a clean driving record.

Consequences for a Super Speeder Speeding Ticket

Super Speeder tickets come with both the base punishments for a normal speeding ticket, and the additional hit of a fine for being a "super speeder".

The consequences for the base speeding ticket in Georgia vary depending on how much a driver exceeds the posted speed limit. For drivers going 14 mph or less over the limit, there are no points added to their record, but they must pay a fine. Speeding between 15 and 18 mph over the limit results in 2 points on the driver's record, a fine, and the violation going on their record. If caught going 19 to 23 mph over the limit, the driver receives 3 points on their record, a fine, and the violation is documented. Going 24 to 33 mph over the limit results in 4 points on the record, a fine, and a documented violation. Finally, exceeding the speed limit by 34 mph or more leads to 6 points on the record, a fine, and a mark on the driver's record.

Additional consequences may include mandatory defensive driving courses and probation, particularly for those with a history of speeding or traffic violations. And as we previously stated, if a driver is classified as a Super Speeder (85 mph or more on any road, or 75 mph or more on a two-lane road), they must pay a $200 fee to the Georgia DDS within a specific timeframe. Failure to pay this fee on time results in automatic license suspension, and the driver must pay the $200 fee plus an additional penalty to reinstate their license.

It is crucial to understand these consequences prior to attending court. Hiring a lawyer may help to fight for a reduced final speed, potentially avoiding Super Speeder classification if the driver has a good prior record or meets additional requirements. Being aware of the penalties associated with speeding in Georgia can help drivers make informed decisions and prioritize safe driving habits.

How We Can Help

Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket, and a Super Speeder ticket in Georgia can be particularly daunting. That's where we at Your Law Firm come in. Our team of experienced professionals can advise you on the proactive steps you can take to increase your chances of a favorable outcome. We understand the importance of keeping your license in good standing, and we're committed to helping you avoid the super speeder classification and potential suspension.

We will review your driving history, take a look at the circumstances that led to you getting pulled over, and review all the evidence the State has against you - from police cams to reports to official speeds pulled by radar or other means like pacing. If we can, we will fight the evidence. Also, sometimes we advise our clients to complete a defensive driving course or even community service, to be able to show the prosecutor they take responsibility for their actions and want to learn and grow. These proactive measures can help us on our negotiations with the prosecutor for a lesser speed that would not fall under super speeder speeds.

This is of course never a guarantee, and always up to the prosecutor whether or not they will entertain reducing your final convicted speed. If your speed can't be reduced from Super Speeder classification, we'll guide you through the process of paying your fines and super speeder fee in a timely and efficient manner - that way you will not have to face further consequences of a license suspension for failure to address this extra fee. Don't let a Super Speeder ticket cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Contact Your Law Firm today and let us help you navigate this difficult situation.