Driver's License: "I want to take care of my driver's license issues"

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Driver's License: "I want to take care of my driver's license issues"

If you're dealing with any issues related to your driver's license in Georgia, it can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience. Whether you're facing a license suspension, revocation, or need help obtaining a new license, the process and legal jargon can be confusing. That's why it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney who can assist you in resolving these issues. A qualified attorney can help you understand your rights, the legal process, and can work with the Department of Driver Services to ensure that your license is properly restored. It's important to have someone on your side who can navigate the legal system and advocate for your best interests.

Common Reasons for Driver's License Suspensions in Georgia

In Georgia, the Department of Driver Services (DDS) is responsible for managing driver's license suspensions and ensuring that drivers adhere to state regulations. Suspensions can occur for various reasons, including points-based suspensions, where a driver accumulates a certain number of points on their record due to traffic violations; super speeder suspensions, which are imposed on drivers caught speeding at excessive rates who fail to pay their super speeder fee; DUI suspensions, resulting from being convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and child support suspensions, where a driver's license may be suspended due to non-payment of child support obligations. It is essential for drivers to be aware of these potential causes for suspension to maintain their driving privileges and avoid any legal complications. Remember to drive safely and responsibly, and always stay informed about the rules and regulations governing Georgia's roads.

Points Based License Suspension

A points-based license suspension is a common cause for concern among Georgia driver's license holders. For drivers aged 21 and older, accumulating 15 or more points within a 24-month period can lead to a suspension of their driving privileges. Points are assigned for various traffic violations (called "moving violations"), such as speeding, running a red light, or reckless driving, and the severity of the violation determines the number of points added to the driver's record. It is crucial for drivers to be aware of their point accumulation and strive to avoid traffic violations to maintain their license.

Younger drivers in Georgia face stricter regulations when it comes to points-based license suspensions. Drivers under the age of 18 will have their license suspended if they accumulate 4 or more points within a 12-month period. Additionally, drivers under the age of 21 who receive a single conviction resulting in 4 or more points will also face license suspension (if they can avoid a 4 point or more single offense, their point accumulation pre-suspension is the same as drivers over 21 - 15 or more points in a 24 month time frame). These stricter regulations aim to encourage safe driving habits among younger drivers and reduce the risk of accidents on Georgia's roads. As a result, it is especially important for young drivers to be mindful of their driving behavior and adhere to all traffic laws to protect their driving privileges.

Super Speeder License Suspension

It's important to be aware that your Georgia driver's license can be suspended if you fail to pay the $200 Super Speeder fee to the Department of Driver Services (DDS) after your underlying speeding ticket case which resulted in you being declared a "super speeder" has been concluded. The Super Speeder Law is designed to discourage excessive speeding and improve road safety for all. To reinstate your license after such a suspension, you will need to pay the Super Speeder fee, any other outstanding fines or fees, and a license reinstatement fee. Once these payments have been made, you can visit your local DDS office or use their online services to complete the reinstatement process. Remember, it's always best to address any fees or fines promptly to avoid complications and ensure you maintain a valid driver's license.

DUI License Suspension

In Georgia, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that carries significant consequences, including the suspension of your driver's license. Upon conviction for a DUI, your Georgia driver's license will be suspended for a minimum of four months. This suspension period serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the potential dangers associated with impaired driving. The severity of the suspension may increase depending on the specific circumstances of your case, such as prior DUI convictions or the presence of aggravating factors.

If you meet certain eligibility criteria, you may be able to obtain a limited driving permit during your suspension period. This permit allows you to drive to essential locations such as work, school, or medical appointments. To reinstate your license after serving the suspension period, you will need to complete any required DUI Risk Reduction Program, pay all associated fines and fees, and submit proof of completion to the Department of Driver Services (DDS). If your license was previously suspended under an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) prior to the resolution of your DUI case, the time spent under the ALS suspension will count towards your post-conviction suspension. This means that you may be eligible for license reinstatement sooner than anticipated, provided that all other requirements have been met. Remember, it is crucial to adhere to all legal requirements and maintain responsible driving habits to avoid further penalties and ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road.

Child Support License Suspension

In Georgia, the importance of fulfilling child support obligations cannot be overstated. Failure to pay child support can result in severe consequences, including the suspension of your driver's license. This measure is intended to encourage compliance with child support orders and ensure the well-being of children who rely on these payments. The suspension of your driver's license may be triggered if the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) or a court determines that you are in noncompliance with your child support obligations and have not made efforts to rectify the situation.

To have your driver's license reinstated after it has been suspended for failure to pay child support, you will need to demonstrate proof of compliance with your child support order. This may involve working with DFCS or the court to establish a payment plan or making arrangements to fulfill any outstanding obligations. Once you have provided proof of compliance, you will also need to pay a $35 restoration fee to the Department of Driver Services (DDS). Upon completion of these steps, your driver's license suspension will be lifted, allowing you to regain your driving privileges. It is essential to prioritize your child support responsibilities and maintain open communication with relevant agencies to avoid the negative consequences of noncompliance.

Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs) in Georgia: Protecting Your Livelihood and Future Employment Opportunities

Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs) are a crucial requirement for professional drivers in Georgia who operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) such as tractor-trailers, buses, and heavy trucks. Holding a CDL demonstrates that the driver has the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate these large and potentially dangerous vehicles on public roads.

However, CDL holders must be aware of the potential risks to their driving privileges, as well as the impact traffic convictions can have on their current and future employment opportunities. In this section, we will discuss some common ways that traffic convictions can lead to the disqualification of CDL privileges in Georgia and the importance of consulting an attorney if you're a CDL holder facing a citation.

Common Traffic Convictions that Can Lead to CDL Disqualification

In Georgia, certain traffic convictions can result in the disqualification of your CDL privileges. Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. Driving under the influence (DUI): A DUI conviction, whether it occurs while driving a CMV or a personal vehicle, can lead to the disqualification of your CDL for at least one year. A second offense can result in a lifetime disqualification.
  2. Excessive speeding: Driving 15 mph or more over the speed limit can be considered a serious traffic violation, which may lead to CDL disqualification after multiple offenses.
  3. Reckless driving: This offense is also considered a serious traffic violation, and multiple convictions within a three-year period can result in the disqualification of your CDL.
  4. Following too closely or improper lane changes: These are also considered serious traffic violations that can lead to disqualification after multiple offenses.

The Impact of Traffic Convictions on Your Employment

Even if your CDL is not directly affected by a traffic conviction, having a record can still impact your current job or ability to find future employment. Many employers have strict policies regarding their drivers' records and may not hire or retain drivers with certain types of convictions. Furthermore, insurance companies may increase the premiums for drivers with a history of traffic violations, making it more expensive for employers to keep them on their team.

The Importance of Consulting an Attorney if Cited as a CDL Holder

If you're a CDL holder who has been pulled over and cited for a traffic violation, whether it occurred in a commercial vehicle or your personal car, it's crucial to consult an attorney right away. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the legal process, protect your CDL privileges, and minimize the potential impact on your current and future employment opportunities.

CDL Summary

In conclusion, CDL holders in Georgia must be vigilant about their driving habits, as traffic convictions can lead to disqualification of their CDL privileges and negatively impact their employment prospects. If you find yourself facing a citation, don't hesitate to seek legal counsel to protect your livelihood and future opportunities.

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