How many kids never get adopted?

How many kids never get adopted?

An Overview Look into Adoption Statistics

Every child deserves a loving home. But how many kids, unfortunately, never get adopted? The answers may surprise you. In this post, we take a high-level look into the numbers and trends that shape adoption statistics worldwide.

How Many Babies Are Given Up for Adoption Each Year?

Understanding the scale of the issue starts with knowing how many babies are given up for adoption each year. The numbers fluctuate, but consistently, thousands of children enter the adoption system annually. While it’s challenging to pin down an exact figure due to the confidential nature of adoption processes, the trend is clear: the need for adoptive families is ever-present.

Adoption Rates By State

Adoption rates by state vary significantly across the U.S. Factors such as state-specific adoption laws, economic conditions, and availability of support services can greatly influence these rates. However, regardless of location, there remains a constant need for adoptive families.

Adoption Statistics By Race

Adoption statistics by race reveal further dimensions to the story. Some racial and ethnic groups are overrepresented in the adoption system, highlighting societal disparities that need addressing.

Adoption Statistics Worldwide

Looking at adoption statistics worldwide, we find that the situation is similarly complex. Every country has its own unique factors influencing adoption rates, from cultural views on adoption to legal frameworks.

Chances of Being Adopted By Age

Age plays a significant role in adoption scenarios. Infants have a higher likelihood of being adopted compared to older children. The chances of being adopted by age decrease as a child grows older, a heartbreaking reality that underscores the importance of finding homes for children of all ages.

Infant Adoption

Infant adoption is a common choice for many prospective parents. But with the high demand for infants, it means older children often wait longer to find their forever homes – if at all.

How Many Children Are Waiting to be Adopted?

In the U.S. alone, thousands of children are waiting to be adopted. These children, across all ages and backgrounds, are in desperate need of a loving, stable home. Some are given up by parents who know they cannot take care of them. Others are placed into foster care in their home state because of abuse or neglect by their biological parents.

Foster Care Age Out

Each year, a significant number of children in foster care face the daunting reality of never getting adopted before they age out of the system. According to, over 23,000 children will age out of the US foster care system annually. In 2021, it was reported that of 214,542 children and youth who exited foster care, only about half were reunited with their parents. Similarly, the same year saw 17,844 youths in foster care emancipated, meaning they “aged out” without being adopted. These figures underscore the urgency of addressing this issue and finding ways to ensure more children in foster care find permanent homes before reaching adulthood.


So, how many kids never get adopted? Unfortunately, too many. But together, we can change this narrative. Whether you’re considering adoption or seeking ways to support adoptive families, every effort makes a difference.

Remember, adoption isn’t just about providing a home for a child; it’s about building families, shaping futures, and creating lasting bonds. Will you be part of the solution?

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