I Got Pulled Over For Speeding - What Are My Rights

I Got Pulled Over For Speeding – What Are My Rights?

It’s never an easy thing to get pulled over, especially if you knew you were speeding.

Here’s some ways to help with your nerves – and protection of your rights – for if the police pull you over for speeding.

Stay calm and remember you don’t have to answer uncomfortable questions without a lawyer present

Remember to stay calm when the police pull you over.

Most likely, if you were in fact speeding, you’re already anxious about something. Take a moment while they come to your window and count to ten, take some deep breaths, and remind yourself that it’s going to be okay.

It’s perfectly alright to ask the officer for a business card or other form of identification after they are done issuing you a warning (hopefully) or a ticket (worst case), in case you want to reach out later with any questions you may have.

Remember that you have your Fifth Amendment right and you don’t have to answer any questions of the police that you don’t feel comfortable answering – however, you do need to openly and outloud say you wish to exercise your right to remain silent and that you’d like to speak with a lawyer before answering any more questions.

It’s important to remain calm and also polite, even if you disagree with the officer at any point in time.

Once you’re calm, go ahead and prep your ID and registration

One of the first things an officer will want you to do is show them your ID and driver’s license, and also your registration and possibly insurance for your car.

This is for them to identify you and also make sure you’re not breaking any other laws – such as driving without a valid license or without current insurance. After you take some deep breaths and calm down, go ahead and prepare your driver’s license and other documents to show the officer when they get to your window.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel and make sure the documents are not only within reach, but clearly visible to the police so they know what you’re reaching for when they ask for them.

Your safety is the most important and it’s good practice to keep these things visible so the police don’t think you’re grabbing a weapon or something else, by mistake.

Keep a level head and keep moving forward

After your interaction with the police, if it does lead to a speeding ticket, don’t worry.

Even if you were speeding, a lawyer in Georgia can help you find out the likely consequences of your case once it goes to court. You’ll be able to take a copy of your ticket to a local lawyer and see how they can help.

Don’t delay in dealing with your speeding ticket – if you miss your court date, you could be facing a warrant for your arrest or license suspension.

No matter what, don’t let a speeding ticket slow you down – keep your head cool and level, seek a lawyer’s help if needed, and keep moving forward!

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